Survey on Compliance Management in the Life Sciences Industry

23 November 2010 Guillaume de DURAT 0 Comments

Regulatory Compliance Pyramid
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For having participated to a survey for Cegedim, I had the result of it today and want to share it with you .
It is said to be a comprehensive report on the survey results.
You can download it on their website – see the  following link “2010 European Trends in Aggregate Spend, Transparency and Disclosure” in PDF format.
This is a important signal that companies are awareness to improve compliance and transparency,  that they have no doubt about the fact this is useful/essential for their business and credibility even if the path is not too easy (I remenber reactions a fiew years ago: “Compliance ? what for ?”) and I am delighted to see we go forward to a better approach of business.
Here’s a preview of some of the facts you will find in the report:

93% of respondents agree that regulatory compliance will be a major challenge in Europe.
62% of respondents agree that the implementation of transparency guidelines will generate promotional spend decreases.
53% of respondents anticipate their investment in aggregate spend transparency to grow

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